Grandma’s Penicillin

(This was originally posted in Nov. 2005. Thought I’d move it up because it’s so yummy and good for what ails ya.)

Sickies have been going around with everyone up here in my corner of CT so I thought I’d
share my favorite soup recipe.

For each cup of Chicken Broth toss in:

A smashed slice of Ginger, about 1/4 – 1/2 inch
1/8 cup of fresh Cilantro
1/8 cup fresh Lime or Lemon juice (divided)

Heat & simmer everything except half the lime juice for 10 minutes, strain. Add the remaining lime juice.

Ginger: anti-inflammatory
Cilatro: anti-bacterial
Lime: Vitamin C

If you have any left over, refrigerate with some extra ginger. When you reheat, top off with fresh juice.

We’ve also thrown in Cayenne to clear the sinuses. And Garlic because it’s so good for everything.

Also cooked chicken, rice or noodles to make a meal.

But it’s lovely just to sip from a mug.


2 Responses

  1. oooh…that sounds great, thanks! i might have to make that for the hubby since he caught my cold on sunday and is now a troll 😉
    hope i didn’t get you sick on saturday 😦

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