I need a gnocchi recipe or three.

First K fed me some last week and then I had some at Olive Garden. Yep, want to make it for meself and I want to be able to freeze it.

Speaking of K… I got to hang out a bit with her and her DP before they went out. They trusted me with their little ones. I got my baby fix, big time. N was a peach. Once she got over seeing me instead of mommy she settled down for me and slept all snuggly for a bit over an hour (after she woke in the middle of the night). We had a blast even though we were dead tired by the time we got home after 4AM. Whew, haven’t been up that late in forever. I’ve also decided I like Jagermeister and cranberry juice. Just had a shot worth but yummy.

Just another hour and then I can go home. Think I am going to crash instead of clean like I am supposed to but I think sleep is more important so I don’t miss any work this week and have the staff kill me. We are still woefully understaffed and haven’t heard when the hires are happening.


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