How the heck did it get to me October already? Jeeze Louise.

Okay, okay I can deal with this.

My cold seems to be winding down. I’ve been sick for over 2 weeks and that just plain sucks. Rob got hit harder by the cold. He NEVER calls out and actually missed three days of work. I feel so bad for him because I know he is pushing himself to go when he should probably be in bed. But this next check is going to be as little as $75 and that won’t get us two full tanks of gas. We will make do. I’d rather him feel that he can stay home when he needs to instead of putting so much pressure on himself. He sounded much better today when I spoke to him earlier.

I got my tea swap package out today. I am so mad at myself because I forgot to take pictures. I was putting things together last night and it was so silly how many issues I was having. I have a feeling I forgot something but not sure what it was. So one more swap down, three more to go.

I am missing a library book. I now know it wasn’t in my van (we cleaned the trash out this weekend – just need to hose it down). So next area to tackle (after putting 4 loads of laundry away – minus Rob’s because he did his work clothes so they wouldn’t wrinkle) is the living room and see if got mixed in with my pile of knitting books by accident. I already owe $0.30 on it.

I’ve added my list of tags to the side bar of my journal. Mostly for me, but now you know it’s there.


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