Reading Habits & Finished Objects

Been in a weird place last several days (maybe 2 week). Haven’t been interested in reading. There are 23 books from the library by my bed – 4 are Ryne’s, 2 are half read. That leaves 17 books that I need to plow through before I have to pay fines. Some are already at their limits for renewal. Gotta get crackin’. I think I have my mojo back though, read half of Vengeance in Death last night (186 pages).

Latest knitting projects are two newborn soakers. First couple of pictures.

Still working on Katamari Prince (mostly when I am watching movies with Rob in bed since I can’t knit in bed but I can crochet)

Have a few UFOs that I want to fiddle with and other swap projects to consider.

I am thinking of getting a couple embroidery books to incorporate with my knitting and crochet. I know I can’t do it on the small scale I used to. Just can’t deal with the little needles any more but I think I can handle larger yarn needles and have some fun with worsted weight yarn and see what I can do.


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