I have to figure out a good system so that I can don’t feel like I have to upload both to LJ & Flickr. Have to do some experimenting this weekend.

Okay, looks like it will be a 2 part thingy and will take some finagling to get them all in one post.


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  1. Have you found Flickr difficult to use at all? I can’t figure out how to post them in a blog entry or in the Ravelry message boards, but I haven’t tried that hard, either (I got frustrated fast).
    I seem to be uploading to Flickr for Ravelry and then uploading them to TypePad to post there (and sometimes Photobucket, too) and I’m getting kind of fed up with uploading them everywheres.

    • Or if you look at any of your pictures in Flickr (like you are going to edit it), you will see above it the option – Blog This.
      By clicking on Blog This the first time, it will give you the chance to add your blog. I know there were quite a few choices but I can’t remember if TypePad was one. Now all I have to do is hit blog this. Add my comments and let it submit it for me, then I go to LJ edit my entry to put it under a cut. But since you wouldn’t wouldn’t be using LJ yours wouldn’t be 2 steps.
      You can edit this option by going to and then click on extending Flickr, you will see a spot that says Your Blogs.
      I am figuring it out. Seems pretty easy once I figured out what I needed to do. I want to dig some more to figure out adding multiple pics at once.
      Feel free to ask questions.

      • Thanks for the info. I did attempt it before with LJ and it seemed to work alright. It’s the going back and editing thing that I don’t really want to do (maybe I’m just lazy…. it just seems like so much extra work to do). I like photobucket and how it gives you a direct link so I can just use a little html code and there’s the picture in the entry.
        For uploading multiple pictures at once, I found the downloadable tool very helpful. All you do is drag and drop the pictures you want to upload, tag them or add them to a set and you’re done! I LOVE that part of it because it also resizes everything for me (my pics are around 2800 by 2200 pixles, which is HUGE), so I don’t have to do any of that before I upload them. I’d give you the link, but for some reason I can’t access Flickr at work (it causes my IE to shut down completely whenever I visit the page) and I don’t recall where I found where to download the tool, but I think it was under something like options or I got it from the home page. I will check when I get home and let you know right where it is.
        Thanks for the info.

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