Lunchbox Ideas (again), the House & clothes

Rob & I are thinking about doing WW together. It’s might be a few weeks until we start because first priority is making sure van’s taxes & reg. is okay by end of month. The city sent all of our tax bills to the mortgage company, have to find out how far behind we are for car and house. Hopefully nothing on the house because the idiots should have taken care of that.

Speaking of the house, they already dropped the price $20K.

Anywho… I wanted to see what deals the Laptop Lunchbox retailers might have. Because I am not really interested in the whole system thru them directly.

Here are some deals I found: They have the exact “package” I want – laptop & bento sleeve (lots of other goodies here, added store as a fave) (because I too am an urban pioneer) (along the same line) (neat school supplies)

As a knitter and perveyour of handmade clothes, I am very aware of my measurements. I’ve been trying to spice up my wardrobe (got a nice compliment from Rob on a new shirt I wore last night, was encouraging). And since I despise shopping for myself (and being constantly disappointed), I’ve been trolling eBay and I’ve been having some luck. I love when sellers post measurements and use real sized models. It’s amazing to see what items I am a 1X and others I need a 3X. I am never, ever buying by size again.

Some items I am watching and probably can’t buy cuz of the above mentioned taxes but wanted to give an idea what I like when I am not in A) a gamer tee and pajama pants or B) a hippie dress/skirt.

I know I have this link save someways back but wanted to save it again She has a couple new ones I haven’t seen before. Really want one, two, a dozen of these.


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  1. I just bought a few bento boxes (one for me and one for each of my kids) from an ebay store called Bento Obento. She has a huge selection, but most of it is the “cutsie-wootsie” stuff… fine for my kids, not so much for me! But I ended up finding one that could pass as “adult-like”.
    I like all the clothes you are watching on ebay. We have very similar taste in clothes.

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