School Lunches

I am still not a 100% sure what I want to do about lunches. The kiddo can’t have PB&J every time they offer a cheese heavy food.

Ummm… I guess it’s up to him.

Have to see if I can sit him down (when he is not distracted) and see what he wants to do. Bring lunch or have Peanut Butter.

We are definitely sending rice milk so he can have his chocolate milk.


We aren’t vegetarian, but interesting ideas and I am always interested in good cookbooks.

Edited 9/13/07 to add:

Need a couple Laptop Lunch Boxes or other Bento Boxes for both Ryne and I.

Another link to add….


3 Responses

  1. They have a food card at my child’s school that lets him make the choices and I get to see via the net what he is eating. Thanks for the cookbook ideas. 🙂

  2. just had to tell you that the other day at big y i noticed that they sell something similar to a laptop lunch box. it was the same idea, different name…i’m thinking about getting one for jessalyn. i’ll check out the price and if you’re interested i’ll pick one up for you next time i’m there and you can pay me back for it.

    • My Big Y carries them but they were all out. But you got me curious, so I searched them on the net.
      The company that makes them is out of Providence, how cool is that?
      I am definitely intrigued. Want to see what kind of plastic they are made out of. It also seems to be geared toward cold lunches so I have to think about that too. It also seems too small for me (but might work for the little guy), I’d have to buy a couple of the other products they sell which is probably the point, LOL.

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