Me again

It’s been one of days with me doing a lot of hurrying up and waiting. So I’ve been tooling around the net more than usual.

Anywho… Any one who knows me in real life, I am partial to small, standard cars and every car I’ve had has been compared to The Smurf an ’88 Honda Civic Hatchback I drove for until it was 14 years old. Only reason I gave it up was because of a botched exhaust repair. Had to sell a perfectly running car for parts, because the bottom of the car was rotted out.

So now, I have been dreaming about what to replace the mini-van with.

If I didn’t have to worry about money:

Mini Cooper
Volvo C30

Since I have to worry about money:

Kia Rio5
Toyota Yaris Hatchback
Scion xB


8 Responses

  1. I just bought a Chevy HHR and love it. They’re cheap too.

    • I will have to point them out to Rob. He’s going to have the “bigger” vehicle.
      He’s currently leaning toward the:
      Ford Escape Hybrid
      Saturn Vue Hybrid
      Honda Element (this would probably be his first choice if it was available as a hybrid)
      Jeep Liberty (okay he really wants a Wrangler)

  2. Of those three, I’d go with the Scion. It’ll have the reliability of a Toyota, and is both more practical and more “cool” than a Yaris. Avoid the Kia. I know two people that own Kias, and neither likes them.

  3. i’d totally buy a lexus.
    one of these days…lol
    aren’t the scions one of those box looking cars?

    • The Scion xA looks like a box on wheels, the xB is actually a mini Toyota Matrix (Toyota make Scion). Now a Lexus would be nice, after all Toyota makes those too.
      Off to excersize.

  4. I firmly believe that you cannot go wrong with Toyota. My Corolla is a ’93, and it still runs pretty much perfectly. (It just needs to have the axle fixed when I can afford it.) My dream is to someday be able to afford the Toyota Highlander Hybrid.
    …and yes, the Scions are a bit boxy looking. But then, that seems to be what people want now. My roommate drives a Chevy HHR, and it’s a box with wheels. (Though it does drive like a dream.)

  5. Hello, new friend! 🙂
    I am on my second VW Jetta (lost first one in divorce) and I love Jettas so. I’d recommend them to anyone.

    • Hi new friend. You are a friend of a friend and the similarities where too much to pass up.
      I like Jettas. But I reeeeeally want a hatchback, especially now that the spousal unit is set on a Smart. So I have to get the “big” car.

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