French Press

We bought a little french press at TJ Maxx last night because Rob was whining that the french press at home was too big. Then the doofus snagged it and brought it into work. I wanted to grab it, because I thought I could use it for tea at work. Wonder if TJ Maxx has 2 more. LOL


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  1. i’ve been thinking about getting one of those. how much was it?

    • They are the BEST THINGS EVER.
      that, and an electric kettle. Like, salt and pepper….cuz, if you overboil the water, you will burn the coffee beans, and it will taste GROSS.
      And toss in a coffee grinder set on course, and VOILA. you have orgasm in a cup.

      • you can overboil water??? i did not know that. i have been using my stovetop kettle all these years and never knew you could overboil water. and, i hope i don’t sound stupid, but do you grind the coffee before you put it in a french press? i’m new to this whole french press thing.

      • yes, you grins the coffee coursely before you put it in the press…
        and yes, you can overboil water. You’d never know this until you’ve done it, and it makes frenh press coffee taste really gross.
        you know you’ve got a superb press full of coffee when there is a slight *layer* of light brown creme on it when you’ve pressed it down… MmMMMmm… that’s the good stuff!

      • the essentials to a good cup of coffee…

        and the Creme…MmmmM…

      • okay, you convinced me 🙂 yesterday i took a trip to target and bought a little three-cup press for $12, a coffee grinder, and an electric kettle at ocean state job lot for ten bucks…and ohmygod. yeah. i’m hooked 🙂 just need to invest in a better kettle eventually since i need one that will automatically shut off when it’s boiled because i suck at figuring out when it’s done.
        *adding you to my friends list* 🙂

  2. Its hard to find a press around here.
    Maybe we should take a trip to IKEA- and get one for $11.
    I have 2, one BIG one for company, and one 4 cupper for me. I usually only fill it halfway, but the SMALL one was just TOO small.
    If i see one, i’ll pick it up for you (plus, it gives me a reason to go shopping… lol)

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