Hair Cut & Soap (SP11)

I did it. Super short. She almost followed my directions. I’ll live with it for 4 – 6 weeks and then try again.

She had it, really had it, then she kept snipping.

But I know when I walk in with almost shoulder length hair, it always makes them nervous to cut it. Sigh.

Hair Cut Hair Cut
Soap Soap
First package from SP11 (or Tea Swap?) Let me know.

Thank you, pal. How did you know we’ve been babying a sliver of soap?

Perfect timing. Smells divine.


8 Responses

  1. hair grows back…so, i dont get when people freak out when it goes short.
    YAY for you!
    Heh on the soap…i’m doing the same with with my rose soap…i need some new soaps…where do you get yours?

    • I need to find a hair dresser that isn’t going to move or retire. This is just getting ridiculous.
      Anywho… for soap. I’ve been buying most of ours at Etsy. Ryne’s got reeeeeeeeeally dry skin so I like olive oil or shea butter based soaps. My faves have been:
      The ones I just received are from:
      They smell awesome! And work great, but I think the scent is too strong for the kiddo so will have to get him his own bar. Which just means the smelly stuff lasts longer. w00t! Will definitely be ordering from her in the future.

      • you can always go to my hairdresser… her name is Alex, and she works @ Medusa in Norwich (she used to work @ hair gallery in new london). She’s great, and i need to see her again! I want color… but, i won’t be able to afford it for a while… *sighs*
        MMmmMMM… soaps!
        I’ll save this, and go back to it when i have more monies…heh

      • Well I like the name of the shop and I know I like her work with your hair. Kristie has a hairdresser in her family (sister I think) and I know she’s willing to be funky.
        I just needed it chopped and chopped now. LOL. Will make an appointment to do something funky in 6 weeks.

      • I need to remember to log myself in.

      • soap,
        Glad you liked the soaps, I guess I missed the posting, sorry. It was SP11, just so you know.

  2. I like the new hair. Short and sassy!

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