Ryne & Stuff

This is why Ryne gets to make the decision about his hair.

http://www.comics.com/comics/roseisrose (Comic for Aug. 30)

There will be no emergency sessions of the Harrowing Haircuts Committee in my house.


Today is his first day of school. He took everything but the amazingly noisy halls in stride. The kiddo is sensitive to loudness.

I will post a few pictures after school. Got a shot of him in front of his locker. He was probably the only child without a back pack. Heck, I had no idea what he was supposed to bring. Never received anything about school, so who know what we don’t know. We’ll find a bag for him to use tomorrow and let him choose something spiffy this weekend.

Mrs. Ray seems really “with it” and extremely nice. She is not one of the extremely rare people Ryne does not click with. Bonus, Rob won’t be lusting after her like the other teacher, LOL.

Ryne’s the 2nd to last stop for the school bus picking up (15 extra mins. of prep time) and the 2nd stop for dropping off. He’ll be on the bus most mornings and twice a week in the afternoon… at least until we know what is up with MIL getting a job. Sigh. Only 30 – 45 minutes between school and Rob getting home, which he could handle alone at age 10 but not at 5 and a half. Not going to worry about it until I know what is going on.

Printed the school calender for the school website. It looks like my 3 weeks of vacation are already scheduled, LOL. Will have to figure out all half days and the million holidays & teacher’s days with no school as they get closer.


Made three extremely tasty rustic fruit tarts. Will post pictures when I post the others. Yum Yum. Dinner was awesome too. Rob brought home some portobello mushrooms and sauteed them with garlic excellent with the steaks. Buttered noodles and a spinach salad rounded everything out. Been a while since we cooked like that. Both of us doing our own thing yet working together. I really want to see more meals like that while he’s not working in the evenings. He’s planning on going to dealer’s school since he never heard back about that transfer/promotion. We’ll see.


Gah, headache again. Zyrtec is not cutting it. May have to call doctor’s office about a decongestant/expectorant like guaifenesin, which I can take when I need. Most the the allergy meds with decongestants in them cause me to have nose bleeds. Just as bad as a head ache. What I wouldn’t give for a warm eye mask and a dark room.

I can make it 2 more hours. Need a cuppa. Irish or English? Speaking of cuppa – http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/3016342.stm


2 Responses

  1. hmmm…tarts! post a recipe with the pics!!!! (please?)
    …i am always looking for good tart recipes!!!

  2. I hope Ryne had a great first day! 🙂

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