600 DVDs. Yes that is how many we own, or there abouts. They are only separated between Series, Movies & Kids Movies. I see a spread sheet or two in our near future. i.e why haven’t I replaces the VHS copies of Jane Eyre and Fifth Element?

The challenge has been convincing Ryne (and sometimes Rob), just because a movie is animated doesn’t put it under children’s movies. Ryne watching the WoW episode of South Park over and over again, does not make me a happy mommy. Y’all know from reading here that I am not a kill the TVer because I think TV is evil, there is just so many better things to do. I know Ryne has heard inappropriate language (out of my mouth all too regularly). Yes, he is an innocent but this world is not. I can protect him as best I can. But he has to deal with blindness (grandma), death (great granddad & Sam), HIV (other grandma), etc., etc., etc. So I let him play video games when he wants to and watch the occasional action flick.

Okay off that subject. Books. When the last bookcase (we bought three 6 foot cases this weekend) I’ll be rounding up what is left of my library. Hundred and hundreds of books gone, gone, gone. So time to start over and see what I want to replace and what I don’t care about. I miss my books, good to know. Was sure how much was clutter and how much was having them handy. So don’t be alarmed by lists of authors and various used paperback wish lists being compiled here. When we build a house every room will have a bookcase or book nook. Surprised? I am not.


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  1. I have been wanting to add “next Best thing” to my itty bitty DVD collection. I have 20 maybe, and season 1 & 2 of House MD.

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