The back is trying to work correctly. Went a whole 15 months since the last time I did this. Thankfully this time was not nearly as ouchie as last time. Last time I had to be wheel chaired into emergency. No idea what I did, just like last time, I woke up and couldn’t roll over without crying.

Did more experimenting on the van. We are fairly confident it’s just the battery or connections. But will give it a full charge and have it tested at Auto Zone when we drive it over to buy the battery, just in case. Weird since no lights are lit on the dashboard.

Very little knitting (made 2 or 3 rows of my Chinese Waves dishcloth) going on because I can’t knit while lying down. But I have crocheted 2 cupcakes, 2.5 eggs, a turtle and experimented with crocheting balls. And figured out how to make mushrooms as well.

It had been a while so I had to relearn how I like to do that first circle again, but after that it all came back. Will post pix as soon as turtle is sewn together and eggs are finished.


3 Responses

  1. Ow! I hope your back gets back to normal quickly!

  2. Back
    OMy that is not good. Hope you are feeling better soon. Watch your mail…something good may be arriving soon.

  3. Wow. I’m sorry about your back. I’ve put you on my reiki list. Take it easy.

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