T-shirt or Jean Quilt / Duvet Cover

Since I have a machine in the house and since I was looking down at my rack seeing that I have stained yet another t-shirt, I am think about cobbling a T-Shirt Quilt or Duvet Cover.

I have also been thinking about a denim quilt, from recycled jeans for Ryne. That one has been in my brain for a while.



Don’t know if I am going to try skipping the interfacing because I am not worried about warping and pictures (most of my tees are plain). Well there are dozens of gamer tees, sigh. The possiblities are endless.


3 Responses

  1. My mom made me a teeshirt quilt out of all my favs when I went to college

    • My challenge is figuring out how to do it. I don’t want to use interfacing, but I might have too cuz my sewing skills are rusty. Have to find one that gets beat up fast, so it will be nice and soft after a wash or 2..

  2. What a great idea! Now it makes me sad I gave all those shirts away to purple heart! 🙂

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