Ryne Summer 2007

The majority of these were taken at Lake Compounce on Thursday.  Lovely trip.  We all had a good time, with minimum drama.  A good mix of rides, food (free thanks to Mohegan Sun) and water park.  We only spent money on a locker.  Not bad.

Warning 16 pictures under cut.

Sleeping Baby Sleeping Baby

He’s getting so big but still my baby.

In Uniform In Uniform 

After several attempts to get this one to rotate correctly, I’ve given up.

School Uniform. Of course, the shirts are too tight in the shoulders. LOL

Hopefully I can find some that fit better with next check.

I'm ready for school I’m ready for school



My Hero My Hero


3 Responses

  1. he is just beautiful!!! Of course I like 1 and 3 best 🙂 He looks like an angel in those!

  2. Oh look how cuuuuuuute he is.
    I wanted to cry when i had to chop Aaron’s hair…

  3. Awwwh Ryne is so adorable…angelic even…looks like he is having so much fun! 🙂

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