What’s Up?

Still battling the sinus pressure and head ache. Poopy. But I am getting used to it.

I have a bunch of photos that I still need to post over here. Have some of them on Flickr for Ravelry, so those are mostly knitting related. Still have a bunch of Ryne and nature pictures to post here, will probably plop some of the FO (knitting) pix here too.

Speaking of nature, I’ve been seeing a lot of it while commuting or at work. Almost daily I get to watch the antics of the resident ground hog. I am glad my boss is leaving it alone. He doesn’t have a garden so no worries there. Yesterday while waiting at the stop sign on the way home from work, I saw a cardinal sitting on the curb. He watched me watching him. This morning, I saw 3 deer grazing on the side of the highway. There are bunnies and fox on the boss’ property as well. I miss living near the woods. At least I get a taste of it here.

We haven’t heard back from the casino about Rob’s interview. If he gets the job he’ll have made his first transfer/promotion (still in accounting) and be that much closer to his former salary as a store manager. Fingers crossed, he should hear this week. Between the raise and the drastic reduction on childcare fees (my baby starts kindergarten in less than 4 weeks) we’ll have much more wiggle room. I did get my first $50 into savings. Now just have to stick to it. My goal is to add $5 every 3-4 months. So in Oct it will be $55 every two weeks and so on until I get to $100 bi-weekly and then we’ll work on building up Ryne’s 529 in the same way, because if I have my way he will not have to work full time his entire college career, like I did.

Finally got my confirmation for Secret Pal 11. Thought it wasn’t going to happen.

One of my staff is on vacation, so is the IT guy. Should be interesting. I will be on vacation next week (so is the best intern). Will be fun to see how well things hold up over the next couple of weeks with a skeleton staff and stress flying all over the place.

No more new swaps. SP11, Reverse Craft Swap on MDC and a tea swap. That is it until Oct. I think that is what works best for me. Choose a few for a 3 month period and stick to it. I can afford it that way and enjoy the shopping/creating. I just love buying/making presents. Fun and less stress.

My book list has been completely organized and refreshed and stuff.


2 Responses

  1. Hope you start feeling better…keeping my fingers crossed for Rob.

  2. ok im really proud of you for doing what i cant do -save and organize
    i hope this sinus infection leaves you alone soon
    i hope he gets the promotion!

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