Planning, scheming and all that jazz.

Thank you for everyone’s kind words. My potty mouth is firmly back in it’s sealed corner of my brain. Can’t say enough how cathartic that post was.

So now on to phase 2. In other words the – Now What? Phase.

More Immediate Needs: (We’ve been without these since Oct, but you can see why we need them when you walk in the apartment, LOL Piles everywhere)

We need 2 or 3 book cases. Mostly for DVDs at this point but also to deal with the growing piles of books, cds and stuff around the apartment.

We need 3 chest of drawers. 2 for clothing and 1 for linens (no linen closet) Actually a 4th would be nice for other storage.

Hampers (3) Why on earth were the hampers left over there?

Electric Skillet (Crock Pot made it but not my skillet)

Food Processor


Cookie Sheets

Do we get a new desk? Filing cabinet? Or both?

Long Term: (Order of priority, unless dropped into lap)

Kitchen Aide Mixer
Portable Dishwasher
Sewing Machine
Washer / Dryer – Now I can dream of front loaders.


Good news. Most of my favorite cookbooks, gardening and herbal books made it to the apartment. Half my knitting books made it, have to figure out which ones are missing.

Bad news. Only a couple of my witchcraft/folklore/occult books made it over so will have to pretty much start over there. Will update my Amazon Wish List with the ones I really want to replace. I may have to come up with a better place for my book list, I’d like to be able to break it up by type. Don’t know.

Will have to catalog what books I have, will probably use Listal (or the like) since it won’t be as daunting of a task. Less than a 100 books instead of over 1000.

When I am not avoiding my parents, can’t wait for the decade’s worth of I told you sos, I will have to see what my mom has. I lent her a pretty good size box of books so she may have the first 3 or 4 of a few of my favorite fiction series/authors.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): A few years ago, a high school football team in Colorado was reprimanded when officials discovered that players had soaked their uniforms with an oily cooking spray before a big game. Though there was no specific regulation against it in the rulebook, the greasy stuff made it harder for their opponents to tackle them, giving them an advantage. I’m recommending their ploy to you in the coming week, Gemini–at least metaphorically. You will benefit from being slipperier, more elusive, and difficult to pin down than usual. I’d also like
to see you be extraordinarily cagey, foxy, and tricky. To help focus your mind on this assignment, buy a can of cooking spray and create an altar around it.


13 Responses

  1. The dollar store might be your organizational friend in the meantime? Perhaps also check Goodwill?

  2. I am not sure this would help but… I have only ONE closet so for my linens I set up a set of shelves in there. It works perfect!!

    • We used a bookcase at our last place. I think I want something that closes this time, things got too dusty. Especially those doo dads that you don’t use as often.

      • Makes sense.
        I keep a small amout so they do not sit long… 3 sets for my bed, and 3 for Miss S’s twin. Then a stack of crib sheets for E but I go through those quickly. Towels I keep on a shelf in the bathroom. Blankets and other items not used as often I keep in a storage tub.

  3. I use my Amazon wish list, and just make different wish lists for different types of books. You can just move titles around, to the appropriate lists. Not a great solution, but it works pretty well so I don’t get lost trying to keep up to date.
    Also, will have to check and see what witchcraft/occult/etc. type books you’re looking for, as I have a bunch that I’d be willing to part with to the right person (i.e., someone who’ll actually read them).

    • I forgot that you can make more than one list. I can probably break mine down to 5 or 6 book types.
      My wishlist is in my menu bar on my livejournal if you were to read it from my page.

      • Oh man. I’m looking at your list, and it’s a ton of great books. If you’re just looking for some of those to read in the meantime, before you can buy them all up, I actually have a ton of the fiction books that’re on the list. (Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffrey, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Charlotte Harris, etc.) If you ever want to use me like a library, you’d be welcome to!
        (I’ll go through and make up a list of the books I’ve got, and post it to my journal to see if you’re interested in any.)

  4. A heads up…
    I have a george forman grill (one of the large ones…for 4 people, I believe) if ya want it. We don’t use it anymore, but it still works fine. I also have the cookbook that came with it, 2 scrapers, 2 drip pans, and the owner’s manual.

  5. Oh yeah…almost forgot!
    I also have 2 hanging closet organizers with 2 drawers each, if you want those. They’re the large ones that can hold folded sweaters and whatnot. They look like this: but they’re denim blue and don’t have cedar inserts. The drawers are denim canvas that fastens over a collapsible wire frame and they’re easy to assemble.

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