I left my knitting at home

I don’t have any knitting, nor do I have a paperback in my purse. Really stinks. I am at a loss with what to do during the upload.

Okay I will survive by babbling here. In case you don’t belong to the million point five groups that I plastered with the announcement about the SEConn Stitch N Bitch move. We’ve moved to Bean & Leaf on Washington Street in New London. As I am all for patronizing LYSs why not local coffee shops, so out of Borders and into B&L. Peachy.

Finished a couple more finger puppets over the weekend, just need to add a face to the black cat. No more puppets for a bit, not tired of them but need to try something in the stuffie area, so have found http://amilist.blogspot.com so I am full of ideas. Not sure if I am going to crochet or knit yet. But ideas swirling. After getting rid of all those balls of acrylic yarn, I am going to have to buy more. I need 3 shades of green and purple for Rob’s Katamari Prince, but want to practice with toys first. Have 3 “nieces” and a son to experiment with. Although I have 2 hybrid stuffie finger puppets on the horizon – turtle and spider (Rob is helping me).

When to Rob’s family picnic. Rough turn out. With the family up in turmoil I think a lot of folks weren’t sure it was happening this year. It was good to be there though. Got to see the latest additions to the family. Arianna and Cecilia are precious. Rob held Cecelia (7 months) through the fireworks, she loved them. The cops, of course, showed up; folks drank too much and the pig was especially yummy.

Made it to the tail end of Sailfest on Sunday. Ryne went on 2 rides. Hung out with grandma. We ate fried dough & roasted corn. Picked up chocolate milk and Flat Earth chip samples. Caught the tail end of Incognito Sofa Love’s set. All good, despite it’s grouchy start, Rob and I both snipped but got over it.

I am 3/4 of the way through Order of the Phoenix and will probably start Half Blood Prince tomorrow. Have enough Border Bucks along with cash in my pocket to get Deathly Hollow when it’s out, not sure if I am going to bother with midnight release, unless Rob is crazy enough to want to.


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  1. I’ve got a bit of acrylic in my stash (you can see it all on Ravelry). If you’re interested in any of it, let me know and I’ll send it to you for free. I have no ideas of what I’ll ever do with it and if you want it, it’s yours!

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