Money Sucks

I am really proud of myself, of us, of how long it’s been since we’ve had a money sucks period. We’ve been doing pretty good.

Unfortunately didn’t continue through this week/pay period. All I can say is ouch. Rob took a couple of days off from work, then he grabbed the wrong debit card out of his wallet. So after the oops and fee, after getting paid today he has less than $20 in his account.

I am not sure I can make it up. I had to pay the gas bill so we can have hot water (we were behind) and I paid half our rent with a little extra (will pay the rest next pay day). After shopping (already done) & gas (already done) that doesn’t leaves me with enough to pay the sitter… If I haven’t forgotten anything I am $30 short, no reserves and I already owe my dad $100 which I thought I was paying back yesterday, as promised, obviously not. Gah.

Writing it out shows it’s not as horrible as I imagined. Not going to freak, yet. I have to wait until Monday to see how all the holds on my account shake down (the bank is notorious for doubling them up and other weirdness) and I do have cash in my pocket. It just sucks knowing that I am beyond busted with no reserves until the 27th. We’ve gotten through worse. We have a roof (thank god for a flexible landlord), food, both cars are running and have a decent amount of gas, I am completely capable of being a total tightwad.

FYI – cell phone is off for now. May be a few weeks before it’s back on, not a priority right now (never was). So call me at home.

Goal – On the 27th I am starting and Ing Direct savings account. $50 every 2 weeks. Will build it up. Gotta start somewhere. Damn it. Because I am not touching my 401K again.


2 Responses

  1. *HUGS*
    I have a stash that i put away last loan time…and, i freak out every time it goes below what i want it to be at….so, i turn into a tightwad… it sucks. 😦
    I’ve faith that you’ll make it…*smiles*

    • Thanks. I know we can do it. Just so frustrating.
      LOL, I’ll be jealous of all the coffee, sandwiches and junk food that will wander in the office over the next 2 weeks. But I will remind myself (besides the boss, who make more than twice what I do and who’s wife make more than that) I am the only married person with kids. Everyone are empty nesters or living with the parents. LOL
      I’ll live. I will just have to live to grin a bear it. It’s only 2 weeks. It’s only 2 weeks. It’s only 2 weeks. Nice mantra, huh?

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