Not much to report

Just trying to make it through my work day. 3 people called out. Thankfully it’s been quiet so no worries there. Tomorrow should be interesting.

Trying to find a simple v neck sweater pattern for Ryne. Preferably in the round. I have the yummy green RDLP that keeps calling to me despite the heat. And I do want to do something with either a peace sign or anarchy symbol against navy to go with his school uniform.

The eviction is official. The attorney is trying to get the bank to let us in to grab the rest of our stuff. Would be nice. Honestly if they are going to throw it out, I’d just like to know when instead of finding out while driving by. The bank’s attorneys (not the local guy) have been less than polite through this entire mess so who knows. I am just refusing to worry about it. Screw them. Most of the important stuff is out. I can replace anything else.

Harry Potter this weekend? Gonna try to squeeze it in with Sailfest.

Hmmm, anyone want to come with me glasses shopping? I need a pair for the office (computer glasses). They need to be bigger than my current ones. I can see around them and they can give me a headache. Will be fun carrying 2 pairs around. But I don’t want bifocals. I have balance issues as it is. Be


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