It has begun…

When I popped in this morning to check on Ryne before I went to work, I found my MIL sleeping on his futon. LOL She had cleaned his room. BIL was asleep on the futon in the living room. When I get home my house should be spotless. I can live with that.

Got my invite for Ravelry this morning. So my name on there is Indigo (surprised?) – friend me. Decided what the hell and signed up for SP11.

I’ve decided Langers Enhanced H20 isn’t disgusting and may work when I want something besides water. Just sweet enough to be pleasant and without the nasty fake sugar after taste most of these types of drinks have.

Dried Cherries rule! Have to find my cookie recipe for the one with chocolate and dried cherries. They are great in my morning yogurt as well.

They changed the locks on the old place. Trying to get a hold of the guy who can give us access to get the last of the crap I really really want (read boxes and boxes of books, as well as the desk drawers). So that is that. They have taken complete possession of the house. Not my responsibility any more. I can move on.

I’ve been reading more spiritual based blogs and have been finding myself more comfortable with my spiritual skin. There are a couple people from my old church that I’d like to reach out to. Most have left the church as well. I’d like to see where they are. If we can become friends again. Most of my major wounds have healed. There are a few scabs that I will probably mess with, but I feel that chapter is closed as well. Time to push myself forward again. I’ve been treading water in this area for quite a while. Not sure where I am heading, but I know I have to give UU a better chance, look more into Celtic Christianity, look closer at Druidry as well as Hoodoo & Pow-Wow, finding my balance within all that.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): The German word *selig* can mean both “ecstatic” or “blessed.” It implies that profound bliss can be a divine gift; that deep pleasure may generate or come from spiritual inspiration. The English language doesn’t have a term comparable to *selig,* maybe because our culture regards ecstasy with suspicion. Religious people tend to believe that the blessed are those who are good and kind, certainly not those who are skilled at cultivating ecstatic states. People who worship rationality, on the other hand, like intellectuals and scientists, often think of ecstasy as at best an irrelevant state, and at worst a non-productive or deluded indulgence. Personally, I’m in alignment with the values embodied by the word *selig.* It happens to be your specialty this week.



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  1. I hear ya…
    We have so much in common in the spirituality department. I’m game for any exploration you may want to do with a friend… I think we had some good conversation the other day for starters. I think I would enjoy going into some of those areas that have been sort of off limits in my mind for quite some time now. I’m game for UU if we can motivate our asses there on a Sunday morning LOL

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