aaaah – it’s Friday

Better today. Tire has been patched. Only had to pay for a new valve. Sigh o’ relief. So most of my plans are on for tomorrow.

Office has been quiet. Lots of people taking all or part of the week off.

Trying to decide if I want to do SP11. I may skip this one unless there is a month or so until it starts. This past one was a bit rough due to Grandad’s passing and other family issues. But I loved the planning, shopping and receiving news and packages. Hmmmm.

BIL may be moving in, well crashing on our futon. Having issues with his wife. Don’t know the whole story but sounds like her bitchiness has come through 100%. Not sure I ever liked her, she married so someone would take care of her. BIL fell for it hook line and sinker busting his ass for her. Now she gets the house and gets him a night in jail claiming he hit her. I could almost (almost) see Rob’s other brother do that, but not this one. Will know more about it all when I get home.


One Response

  1. Glad to hear that you could just patch the tire…
    Hmmm….BIL moving in- huh? Sounds like quite the situation….Hope it doesn’t bring too much drama!

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