My planner calendar

I lost my 2006/2007 pocket planner. You’d have thought that I lost my brain. Fortunately I didn’t miss anything important because both Rob and I are actually pretty good about this kind of thing.

Finding a 2007 weekly planner was a pain in the butt. After trolling through three stores, I said screw it and grabbed a less than stellar DayMinder at Staples. I hate when they make Sat & Sun half the size of a weekday. Like a professional wouldn’t plan their weekends as well.

Since I’ve never lost my calendar before, I am going to curb the urge to buy (2) 2008 calendars when I buy mine this year.

Okay off to recreate my life, lol. I have ummm a couple physicals, eye appointments and dentist appointments to track down and get written in.


2 Responses

  1. Wow. That would make me feel like my brain had gotten up and walked away. I just wanted to share that I’ve been using Google Calendar, which I quite like (and I always know where it is, having lost a few planners in my time). I linked the calendar to my cell phone, and Google Calendar now sends me appointment reminders via text message at any interval I pick — even weeks in advance. Just wanted to mention it.

  2. your physicals are on Wednesday 🙂 i don’t remember the exact time though

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