A Little Shopping

I am now the proud owner of Good Morning Revival by Good Charlotte. It’s been forever since I have bought any music. Excellent purchase, not a single song that I don’t like. I love The River, Keep Your Hands Off My Girl, March On and Beautiful Place. I am sure more songs will grow on me. Very glad I did it.

Also picked up two DVDs to help make good my promises to myself.

Bellydance Core Conditioning with Neena & Veena
I noticed that most of the complaints were that it was boring or not enough dance instruction and cues. Since that is not what I am looking for, I think it will work fine. When I am ready I’ll ask some of my dancer friends for suggestions. For now, I have to treat myself like the couch potato that I have become and just get moving again after years of sad inactivity. I am sure Rob would like to see my bellybutton pierced, but that is not happening until I feel comfy in waist length (as opposed to hip length) tops again.

Louise Solomon’s Yoga & Pilates

Both super basic to supplement Richard Hittleman and then I’ll change things up as I get a bit more flexible and used to a routine again.

Will definitely add Tae Bo, as I really, really liked it in my day. Now I just need to sort my way through the 1001 discs there now are. I’m thinking about Tae Bo: Foundation & Energy and Tae Bo: Strength & Power

Anyone have a favorite workout / dance (any type, heck I used to love step aerobics) that you would love to share?


2 Responses

  1. I enjoy attending the “Power Sculpting with Bags” class at my local YMCA. It includes a lot of striking drills performed against heavy bags, in addition to various lunges, squats, crunches, etc. I also do intervals on a stationary bike, and a full resistance routine using mostly free-weights instead of machines.

  2. I think Bellydance Core Conditioning with Neena & Veena was the first belly dvd I tried. It’s fun, and kinda easy. Do enjoy.

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