Today’s been a day of goodness.

I figured out how to do a picot cast-on without using the knitted cast on (making Knitty’s Miss Dashwood).

Rob has gotten 40,000 (yes, I said forty thousand) baseball cards via Freecycle

Rob scored some birthday art off kailyn25 since there are two I will count one as birthday art for me. Plus from same trip, we’ve gotten bananas for banana bread tomorrow and an end table. Not sure if it’s going in the bedroom or living room, need end tables both places, so three more to go.

And lastly, waiting in the mailbox was a package for a MDC mama pad co-op. Carrie of Mother and Maiden did a great job. Will probably grab more when the opportunity arrives. Timely as AF arrived in the middle of Sn’B. I want my heating pad.

So far my favorite pads are: the M&M’s, homemade hourglass shaped pads from an MDC mom and the prefold diaper pads (for non-AF days). I am collecting quite the stash. Going to get a huge set of the diapers ones made once I get my hands on a dozen+ prefolds and then work on increasing my other pads a few at a time. I definitely prefer bamboo velour for top layer.

Off to find:

1. banana bread recipe, since I can’t find mine.
2. add Chibis to my Wist, since I lost my favorite plastic needle
3. contoured mama pads premade so I can grab 3 – 6 more


3 Responses

  1. i don’t know if jessi told you or not but they have chibis at mystic yarn store

  2. I totally forgot your bday was coming up…you can take one of Rob’s…or, wait for something to catch your eye… a boat perhaps?? lol…

  3. I can’t wait to see how Miss Dashwood comes out…I’ve been looking for a little girl to make it for…but our friends have only had boys. 🙂

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