I don’t want to be at work today.


The day isn’t even dragging. We were fed birthday cake and lasagna, so that waisted a bit of time. But I am just not into it today.

I am tired without being super sleepy, just feeling a bit ugh. I was out on Friday with all the symptoms (I usually get) of a sinus infection without the fever or swollen glands. So I was pretty out of it all weekend. Fighting a headache that needed drugs every 4-6 hours to remain tolerable. The headache broke last night but I am still not feeling peachy.

I just want to go home a sleep but I am not sleepy. I mean if I was nodding off or doing the head bob, I’d be outta here. But we had issues on Friday which I have just about cleaned up. It sucks not having someone(s) I can completely rely on when I am not in.

My tam is almost done (I’ve completely abandoned the pattern and going with the flow). I am debating whether to offer it up in trade for a couple simple sun dresses/tops or try to sell it on Etsy for $75 or so (which would cover the yarn nicely).

If you are curious, my empty Etsy store is indigo73.etsy.com I made the banner using a closeup shot of my Le Slouch. Love the texture.

I got my secret pal package and one of my swaps out in the mail. I just need to get my latest magic ball and other swap in the mail. Then I get to start working on 3 more swaps (1 doll layette and 2 sets of 3 finger puppets), lickety split. No more craft swaps until I finish projects for the family.


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  1. I think everyone has an Etsy shop but me. 😉

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