NL Public Schools has a uniform. I can see both sides of this issue and I hope to tweak the establishment a bit with Ryne’s outwear and sweaters, because I just have to.

But in the mean time, I have to buy several pairs of navy pants and either light blue or white collared shirts (polo or dress shirts).

I am probably going to go the Old Navy route (prices better or comparable to Target) – which will run me just under $200. For (5) Oxford Shirts, (5) Polos and (8) Pairs of chinos, to go with the 5 pairs of shorts we got via freecycle. The challenge is finding the proper balance between outfits and lack of laundry facilities to do laundry every 3 or 4 days. I am lucky if I get to the laundromat once a week, sometimes we stretch it to 2 weeks.

So if anyone knows any former 4T or 5T boys with navy pants and either light blue or white collared shirts, languishing at the bottom of their drawers, let me know. I’ll be happy to give them a new home.


4 Responses

  1. Oh! I think i saw some at my local thrift shop! I will check again for you and let you know!

    • Any help will be appreciated. I am sure the thrift store around here will be well scavanged but I will be doing those rounds, especially anything more than 15 minutes away. I’ll send you postage and whatever you pay for anything.

  2. wow… i have to do laundry at least once a week!!
    Good luck with finding clothes for the little guy!

    • Well we should do laundry once or twice a week, but since we have to load it all in the van and drive somewhere we have been known to buy an outfit instead of doing laundry, lol.
      I can’t wait until I have hook ups again so that I can do my old load every other night routine and weed out all the old tshirts that I am holding onto because I need more than 5 – 7 days worth of clothes for each of us.

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