There will be photos here. Just need to finish taking a couple and upload them…

But I wanted to talk barrettes. I know the only way I am going to grow my hair or even keep it as long as it currently is… is to get some more hair supplies. So my friends, I know many of you play on the net and maybe you’ll find something for me. I need barrettes for thick hair – which means the clasp/mechanism needs to be at least 80mm and preferrably 98mm – 4 inches long. This in not the pretty stuff on top be the clasp itself. I prefer silver over gold color. Wood, pewter and glass are all cool too.

Other hair accessories that I like are scünci’s Thick Hair, No-Slip Grip clips in black, of course. They are very hard to find and, of course, whenever I get one, someone breaks the “teeth” on them. And Goody’s StayPut Thick Elastics rock too. I think the house eats them, I am down to one stretched out specimin.

I don’t own any hair slides (leather or fabric) or hair sticks, I think they would be neat to try.

Okay enough about that, photos to follow. Will most likely separate into a couple entries for the sake of your bandwidth.

Since I am probably not going to OH my b-day weekend… RI Sustainable Living Festival & Clean Energy Expo

Oh yeah, I’ve been approved for vacation – June 5-8, Tues – Fri. My birthday (the 6th) involves Ryne’s and my annual physicals (probably Rob’s too). And the 7th, a trip to Salem Country Gardens and the Salem Herb Farm. Let’s talk play dates, my place or yours.


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  1. i am letting my hair grow out a little…i think… it’ll depend on how quick i get of wearing it the SAME way all the time cuz i don’t have enough hair accessories.
    YAY for vacations. All i am doing this year is taking a few fridays off….and they really aren’t ME days…*eye roll*…heh.
    Can’t wait to see pics….i am overdue for posting anything fun….

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