Yarn Ball, Finished Object & Ryne.

There are 10 pictures under here… but I think they are worth it.

Yarn Football
Yarn Football
From MDC Yarn Swap

Yarn Reveal #1

Yarn Reveal #2

Yarn Reveal #3
Yippie!! Another ball of Noro for either Lizard Ridge or the yoke on an EZ Yoke Sweater!

Yarn Reveal #4
I want to find some grey or charcoal wool to compliment the green and make socks for Ryne using the green for accents (toe, heel and a bit of cuff).

Le Slouch #1

Pattern: Le Slouch
Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool Chunky – colors 103 & 119
Variations: Tweaked pattern to accommodate big head and chunky yarn (added 6 stitches to cast on)
Next time: more increases and a bit longer 7 – 7.5 inches before decreases.

Le Slouch #2 (close up)

Le Slouch #3
My lovely model helping to show off more of the hat.

Le Slouch #4
I think the bulkiness of the yarn accentuated the flatness of the top. Not a bad thing. Next time will make it longer and add a few more increases at beginning to “Rasta”-fy it.

Le Slouch #5
Isn’t he a cutey? As you can see he’s “back to normal.”


8 Responses

  1. YAY for his curls coming back!!
    I love that hat!!
    2 shades of pink please…name your price! 🙂

    • Why am I not surprised?
      I’ll do some yarn diving to see what I’ve got and if I don’t have anything well…
      I have an excuse to go shopping, lol.
      It was an easy hat. I have another pattern I am going to whip up this week. Let me know which one you like best once I post that one.

  2. Beautiful yarn balls! I love those swaps!!! 😀
    Awesome hat too. 🙂

  3. Awwh he’s so cute and the hat came out really nice too! 🙂 Glad he’s feeling better! What a neat way to wrap your swap present!

  4. from your SP10 hostess
    those yarn balls look awesome!
    just wondering if you got my email the other day…your pal is worried about you.

  5. kniting project
    knewn you knit but wow amiee you knit nice. your son sure is a cutie ps. anyway could get you to knit me some cozy socks??? like maybe 4 pairs??? say 4.00 to 6.00 a pair. like slipper socks just thin enough to wear with shoes??? my number is 44087263. or just post in my lj. thanx alot amiee.

    • Re: kniting project
      Socks take a while to knit, especially socks thin enough to wear with shoes. The yarn alone would cost me $6 – $8 (for the super cheap stuff). Most of the yarns that I like to use for socks average $25 – $35 a pair of socks. This is why I never make socks for money. Most folks aren’t willing to pay me for what my time is worth plus the supplies.

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