I am really not happy with the month of February. It is really not treating us very well besides a few bright spots here and there.

So I am listing the good news to put things in perspective. Not a bad list when all is said and done.

Good News – Received the raise I requested.
Good News – Boss is on vacation for 2 weeks.
Good News – Received tax return.
Good News – Mom is settling back home and not giving me too much grief.
Good News – Big TV, Grandfather Clock and Freezer have been moved to apartment. (Although freezer is on porch since Dad was not confident that he and Rob could get it up the stairs)

Bad News – Rob’s car died, ugh. Got call at 2AM Sunday morning, got Ryne bundled up and picked Rob up. This sucks two fold – A) we had to borrow Dad’s Geo and the folks make asking favors hard and B) car repairs mean I have to hold off buying a laptop again. The machine I wanted was on sale at Best Buy this weekend. We’ll see if we can still swing it if car repairs aren’t pricey. Ink is on hold again too.

Can you believe I had not seen or read either Bridget Jones, yet? Remedied that this weekend. Watched both movies, which of course makes me want to track down more Colin Firth movies. LOL Put both books on hold at the library as well.

In the mood for Coconut Chicken, have a recipe I want to try. If it works out, I’ll share the recipe. Need to pick up Jasmine Rice and Coconut milk.

I am working on a 3 year plan for a new house. It is now in writing and my intention is being broadcast to the world. The goal is to be ready to house hunt or build by March/April 2010. There is a good chance we’ll be moving south or west. I can work anywhere as long as there is high speed internet.

– Paradise, CA
– Austin, TX
– Ashville, NC
– Boulder, CO
– San Diego, CA (probably not, but Rob can dream, snicker)
– Sheboygan, Wisconsin (probably not, I couldn’t get Rob that far North)
– Minneapolis-St. Paul (probably not, I couldn’t get Rob that far North)


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  1. I had the same reactions to the Bridget Jones movies. Colin Firth is cute I watched them each 50 times just to stare at him.
    Please choose Wisconsin! We’re hopefully moving to Superior next year. We’re gonna try to visit this summer just to “make sure” that’s really where we wanna go.

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