Nasty wintry yucky mess for weather. Unauthorized charges on checking account. New checking account. Busy, busy, crazy, crazy.

It getting to the point that February needs to end, NOW!

My son’s 5th birthday has been a mixed blessing. A wonderful celebration of a special life, a spot of joy for the world. At the same it a bit melancholy, my baby is not a baby. He’s my one and only. He got a bunch of video games from dad, a GAP gift card from grandma and we are taking him to the LEGO store in MA when the weather is nicer. No party this year. I was just not up to it. And paying for a party someplace just not in the budget yet.

Should be getting my review today. According to T, one of the partners called this morning to see what the weather was like here compared to CO, it should go like this:

BM: How do you think you’re doing?
Me: Good
BM: Me too.
BM: How much do you want for a raise?

If it’s not like last review where they jumped my income a lot without me asking for it… I think I’ll be bold and ask for more than 3%, something more like 7%. A) my review is a few months late & B) They’ve put me through a bit of shit this year. Especially personnel wise…

Speaking of personnel. M gave her 2 weeks notice on Monday (yes I was out sick on Friday – dammit). So we are hiring a new M to replace her. And the “new” new hire that I was promised is going to be covered by 3 part timers. One former data person who works as a contractor in sales, so no training there – 20 hours. One intern, who is a great kid, really focused – 24 hours. And the last 15 – 20 hours are still not covered, will see what BM wants to do. There have been a couple former employees who’ve mentioned wanting to come back, I’d have no issues with any of them.

I am also getting a new machine for my desk. IT guys is working on moving my crap over – 20″ flat screen monitor, dual core processor, blah, blah, blah.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): You seem to be suffering, although in an interesting way, from a metaphysical version of jet lag. Maybe it’s because you’ve been stretching your boundaries with such experimental vigor. Or maybe it’s because you’ve been engaging in a form of time-travel, exploring the past and future in your dreams and fantasies. In any case, you can take comfort in the knowledge that the warps and tweaks you’re dealing with are the results of your brave choices. Congratulations as well for having churned up the most useful riddles you’ve had to ponder since you jumped out of your skin last year.

Happy V Day. I am currently listening to the Beatles’ Love album that Rob got me. Love it.


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