Oh what a day…

Let’s just say it’s been rough. Sigh…

As mentioned in a previous post we are hiring at work. I am so looking forward to having my immediate staff back up to it’s former size. It’ll be interesting to see if I get the other bodies I have been requesting as well. The hiring process always takes quite a bit of time from my other duties, so things always seem to get worse before they get better. The ads were in The Sun and The Day so hopefully we have a few resumes waiting tomorrow morning. Also the “new data model” that has been in the talks for 2 years has finally started moving forward. We’ve hired a international contractor who has begun the work. Yippee. I am losing one of my gals in May. She’s moving to NYC to try something new. We have time to replace her down the line, most likely out of the Boulder office where she is located now. And one of my previous guys has mentioned kinda in passing that he’s regretting his leaving, so I may get him back in late summer / fall, if he is serious. So work is as crazy as ever but not going to give me an ulcer unless I let it. I have some hope that help is coming.

Also of note, the house sold… the mortgage company bought it for what we owed. No one bid on it when they tried to auction it off. Still trying to figure out the details but it looks like all we’ll owe is a few grand for the legal fees to “sell it.” So one less burden, I am just not sure when we need everything out by. But hopefully we have a few weeks and we can use our refund money to get it done in one fowl swoop.

Now onto the bad news. My grandad is dying. Apparently he went to the doctors yesterday complaining of not being able to breathe well. They found clots in both lungs. Because of his relatively good health no one was super worried. They’d dissolve the clots and go from there. But as further test results started coming back they started realizing that something was seriously wrong. He has late stage pancreatic & liver cancer. At 82, he’s not going to bother with chemo. With our current financial mess, I am not sure if I am going to have the chance to see him alive again. A trip to FL just may not be doable. He cannot take calls at the moment but my cousin Jeff is a peach and making sure any new news is getting out. Now Jeff’s mother (my dad’s sister) is still up to her old crap. The folks from PA are going to try to car pool down and of course, DJ won’t be in any car that my brother is in. Apparently his dark meat would just over power her lily whiteness or something. She drives me nuts. May be best if I don’t see her, because I won’t be nearly as nice & polite as my mom or dad would be.

My mom and dad are taking the news very very badly. Grandad and Dad are 2 peas in a pod. They understand each other and have a special relationship that pisses off a few of his siblings. And my mom, she just loves that man, they have something amazing going and she is hurting very badly right now. I am glad she has to deal with the move, it gives her something else to think about. Mom is back for good on the 17th and Dad will be following her by March 5th.

This morning, my mom and I had one of the best conversations we’ve had in months. We were starting to heal from the last blow up and I guess this news has prompted a more speedy recovery time.

I am hurting but doing okay. Had a nap and Rob’s been wonderfully loving. If we can get down to FL we will.

I have knitting pictures to post but just don’t feel like dealing with it right now. Off to play Katamari Damacy with Ryne and watch a couple comfort movies to knit by.

Oh yeah… forgot to mention that my @#!&@#* glasses broke, so now all I have are the skinny ones that do not mix well with 9 – 10 hours of daily staring at a computer screen. Hopefully my W2 and Rob’s insurance stuff show up soon.


3 Responses

  1. Oh, dammit. I am so sorry! Love, hugs and strength headed your way.

  2. Sorry to hear about your grandfather. *hugs*

  3. I’m so sorry to hear this.

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