Starting to feel better but I am extremely tired. Had maybe 3 hours of sleep and am so feeling it. Totally moving on coffee and dark chocolate handmade Non Pareils (bossman can bring in the yummiest treats sometimes).

Tow of my favorite blogs Hello Yarn and Glampyre are down. I am in withdrawal.

I am so far behind on my podcasts I may just erase anything that is not less than 2 weeks old.

Was not in the mood for Stargate. Got most of Season 9, and just didn’t want to sit through it. Rob watched disks 2 – 5 last night. I reread Nora Robert’s Born in Fire and a cheesy regency instead.

Bank account is totally FUBAR’d and I will have no money until the 12th. Will just have to let it ride and home my van gets a miracle gas tank.

House will be auctioned off tomorrow. Mixed feelings from hurt & shame to relief & hope. Will have to see how much we will have to owe when all is said and done. From there figure out how many years to pay the difference and plan to try again.

Bankruptcy has been discharged. Another chapter closed and hopefully a new one opened.

Only goal for 2007 is to make solid – short, mid and long term financial goals with Rob. Write them down and move forward. This will include finding a financial program that I really like. Have played with a couple open source programs that have their pros and cons.

Watching the mail for tax stuff, this years tax return will totally be sucked up by budget. No playing unless something gives.


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