Okay, I feel better now.

I am at work and going a tad crazy. This is when things get quiet around here. I mean whole sections of our industry close offices for the month of December. This office traditionally takes this time to clean out filing cabinets, sweep behind the copier, recycle trade magazines and stuff like that.

But noooooo…

The partners decide we need to mass email all of the businesses in our database (the databases that are maintained by my department) and ask them to update their information. 17,000 emails have been sent out so far and that is only 1/2 of the emails that will be sent through next week. We are two people short on an already thin staff.

I am not happy. My staff is not happy. And of course requests for information alway bring out the wackos.

As a sop from the power that be, I get one intern for 80 hours while he’s on holiday break. Snicker.

Oh well, at least I can look forward to having the week between Xmas & New Years off – annual vacation. I will forget I have a job and play, sleep, cook, knit and read all week.

Xmas knitting is going steady. Not freaking out yet, because I have a couple projects that I don’t have to worry about mailing. I’ll see the giftees after New Years, so I have a couple more weeks on those. Besides my family is used to getting a funky package in January which I can fill with post holiday sales.


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