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What’s new with you?

Well, Rob is currently at orientation at the casino. Hopefully when he gets home we’ll have a better idea what his schedule will be this week. Would be nice to know if we are having a mini -Turkey Day at home or able to hang out with his family where ever they are landing…

We are the proud parents of a Wii. LOL Rob traded in games along with the Game Cube and Xbox so I didn’t keel over in money angst. I am proud so proud of him, he covered a huge chunk of the cost in trade ins. I even gave up my Bard’s Tale since it’s not backwards compatible. I’ve put 5 hours into the new Zelda. And the last bit of gaming news I now have a Xbox gamer tag, guess what it is. LOL You may see me playing Halo 2 (with Rob) or Lumines 2 or whatever new games that come along.

Not much new on the knitting front. I just have to say no to any swaps or exchanges until after Feb 15th. That is it no more. I currently need to complete:

1 hoodie (long past due)
3 of 6 dishcloths (due Nov. 30)
2 beanies (due asap)
finish the 1st Fetching and do the 2nd one (due asap)
1 pair of mittens (end of Jan)

Speaking of the mittens, I am trying to find an Irish or Celtic inspired pattern for them. Anyone have any suggests? I’ve googled so many ideas and have found scant little. May have to write a pattern. Thankfully they aren’t due until Jan 31st, but since Thanksgiving is this weekend that is not a long time… I have Folk Mittens and Cables Untangled on hold at the library, if they arrive quickly maybe I’ll find something in one of them.

Rob’s sweaters, I will be attempting at least one v-neck, but I think I may try a zip collar or 2 (maybe steeks?). We’ve also found the sweater that we will be trying to duplicate in fit. With me making the sweater his sleeves will finally fit correctly, I hope. And for me? I have a couple sweater ideas – Hello Yarn has definitely been making me rethink my views on yoked sweaters. I adore her Wave Yoke Sweater and would love to come up with my own spin on that with Noro for the yoke.

Not much to report on the reading front. My brain is not interested in anything meaty, so mostly reading fluff. Not even Jane Austen, vampires or mysteries, mostly regency bodice rippers.

Ryne is officially out of 3T. We’ll be replacing clothes as quickly as we can. It was pretty funny how many high waters he’s been wearing. I may have to wrestle a few more pairs of pants from him and add them to the bag. I shouldn’t even buy any 4T but 5T is so hard to find and 4 is just a bit too big still (except for 100% cotton sweats), we need to buy him a belt.

The rent check hasn’t been presented yet, which is weird because they are usually very on top of that… May have to call the landlady.

Never found my keys, we finally broke down and made a new set (2 copies so we have spares).


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