Good News / Bad News

Good News, my nose is running. Bad News, well my nose is running – constantly.

So far 2 out of 3 have called in sick. Have 30 minutes before I start worrying about the 3rd. So far phones are quiet, knock on wood. But I will not be here tomorrow and if I can’t be sure someone will be here at 9am tomorrow, it will just ruin my day off. I wish it was a pleasure day, but it includes court and other financial/house stuff. Blah.

I will confess I didn’t vote. Had every intention of doing so but got home and felt so much like crap that I couldn’t convince myself to get off the couch. Rob was a good doobie and voted.

At the moment, I want to be curled up under my down comforter hugging a hot water bottle, ’nuff said.


One Response

  1. Damn, there seems to be a LOT of sickness running around lately! Hope it isn’t an omen for the rest of the winter. Hope you feel better soon!

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