Nothing new here

Icky sickies going around the office. So far so good, knock on wood. My body is still not happy with the time change. I keep waking before 6 and trying not to keel over at 9.

My novel fizzled last night but will give it another go tonight.

Socks – stalled
Sweater – stalled
Vanilla Bean – half way done

I haven’t even been in the mood to read. How weird is that? Just antsy. Hopefully the weekend weather allows for some outside time so I don’t go insane.

Magiknits is up and so is the Anticraft surprise. I need to quit my job so I can knit full-time, not.


2 Responses

  1. Are you doing nanowrimo? You’d be welcome to join our little support group over at .

  2. To avoid sickies, someone told my dad a tbsp of dark honey once a day will keep you healthy. *raise eyebrow* I’ve never heard it before, but if you aren’t vegan I suppose it couldn’t hurt, right?

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