Sweater Coat

I have been seriously contemplating knitting a coat. I can never ever find a coat I really like, so I each year for the past 3 or more years I just end up with a work coat for sledding and extreme temps. And wearing my UCONN jacket (and extra layers) the rest of the time.

No more I tell ya. Not sure if I am going to tackle a Philosophers Wool pattern or Noro pattern or the like, but I’ve decided if I am going to spend more than $100 on a wool coat, I might as well love it.  But that won’t get started for another month or 2.  Gotta find “the pattern” and buy the yarn.

So this entry will probably get updated occasionally with ideas and links.

Danbury Hooded Sweater Jacket

Books I own:
Sally Melville’s Einstein Jacket – a modification of note.
Chocolate Covered Cherry from Big Girl Knits

Books I want that feature Lopi-type yarns:
Best of Lopi (this one includes most of the patterns I like from older Lopi Books)
Lopi #25
Lopi #21

Philosopher’s Wool
Noro Patterns
Koigu Oriental Jacket(because I really am insane and because I like Rosie’s)
Koigu Sophie Jacket

Can I figure out how to make Josephine’s collar into a hood?

Cuff to Cuff Possible but missing something… Here is a gallery – http://www.ample-knitters.com/cuff2cuff_gallery.html

I’ve long wanted to make an Oat Couture pattern – maybe Autumn Coat could be the one. Even it what I really want is their Ruana or Silverlake.

Raglan calculator I found while poking…

And a designer I find fascinating – Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton.


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  1. I marvel at your knitting. I’m very jealous.

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