Knitting update

The Toe The Toe
After multiple frogs, to the point of worrying about if the yarn was going to take it any longer I’ve finally settled on the crochet cast on for my Wyvern socks. I am very happy with how it looks on and off the foot. The socks are moving along pretty quickly now that I am past the infernal toe. Already into my 2nd repeat.
The Yarn The Yarn
Love, love, love the yarn. Will have to see if I can find more Ruthie’s Yarn. From the band it seems somewhat local (Mass) but cannot find on the internet.
Pithy Hat Pithy Hat
Bites the dust again. Third times the charm?
Ryne's Sock Ryne’s Sock

Slow going since these are my “purse project” so I mostly work on them when I am waiting in line, at the playground (not pushing a swing or merry go round) or waiting for database to upload.


4 Responses

  1. Very nice, looks like someone is talented. 🙂
    There is a yarn store in Noho, I am sure they are pricey, but I think they have a sale in the spring. Just thought that might interest you.

  2. I am quote jealous – my knitting seems to be at a standstill.

  3. Hmmm…you are tempting me with the thought of knitting…it might be just the very thing i need right now….o.O

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