Been spending too much time playing Poppit on Pogo

Not much happening. Biting nails over bank account and trying to stay in the here and now. Rob’s last day is Saturday. So much relief and fear if I open that box, so we are going keep it shut for a while. Rob’s birthday is Sunday. Rob got the package he requested from Connecticut School of Broadcasting. I think he should go for it.

Ryne’s having his first sleep over. Technically I am babysitting but the boys are so excited that I think of it as a party.

I wonder if I should include this in one of his upcoming sweaters?

Very little knitting getting done at the moment, probably because I am not watching many movies/series. Both sets of socks, the pithy hat and Ang’s sweater are pokin’ along. I wanna add this to the mix. But I have to finish at least on thing first, probably the hat.

And I have been neglecting my iPod so I am behind on podcasts again. Slashed a bit at the list but I keep finding new ones. I want to get to a comfy 30 – 35. Half that are weekly and the rest can be sporadic. I’ve been debating dumping a couple that haven’t been updated in forever, but I really liked them. So the goal is cut out the weekly casts that I can live without. I am learning which ones I really look forward to, so this is possible, I think.

Work is getting boring again (happens about this time of the year). I know it’s because I am overwhelmed all – the – time. We are, as ever, understaffed and the holidays seem so far away. No long weekend until Thanksgiving. I am sure my body’s rearranging itself for the winter, messes with my mood at work too. So gotta keep my munchies, cocoa and fruit at hand, here at my desk. I know I can make it through this semi-annual blah period. Will be spending as much time as I can outside this weekend.

I want to learn how to make my own yogurt. Because I can easily spend $5-$10 a week on Fage (1.99) or Mediterranee (.99) greek style yogurts.  It’s gotta stop but I can’t go back to “regular” yogurt either, lol.


3 Responses

  1. Everyone I know in radio says that CSB is a waste of money. I don’t know anything about how good it is with regards to TV, if that’s what he’s considering.
    Good luck with the sleepover!

    • He wants radio. Not sure on on-air or behind the scenes.
      Do you have any suggestions?

      • A short term as an intern at a local station is usually the best way, from what I hear. When you go to a station looking for a job, all it seems they’re interested in is “Where’s your tape?” If they like the way you sound, you’re in. If not, it doesn’t matter what your background is. Again, that’s what I hear, anyway. I’ve worked with a CSB graduate recently while he was chasing his radio dreams, and he’s currently working as a landscape contractor.
        Is he sure he wants radio? The pay sucks, for most of the on-air talent, anyway. Sales personnel can make decent money, but that’s true of most industries, not just radio.

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