Rob put in his 2 week notice yesterday. I am relieved. He was not happy. Things looked so good at first. If only, they hadn’t snagged his good people and sent him the “problem” children, so to speak. LOL, ahh yes, the if onlies. He now knows that the dollar store world is not for him.

Since he always lands on his feet and everyone is scrambling for holiday help, I know that he won’t be able to veg at home for long. Besides we may finally finish the move. LOL

I had x-posted to the Toe Up KAL about my sock yarn issues and a lady from Granby emailed, she is sending me some sock yarn from her stash as a pay it forward. So I will be making sure that there are tons of pictures of my progress with those when I get the yarn. I just wanted to cry. Wow. How cool is that? So I definitely need to build my sock stash so I can some day pay some sock yarn forward. w00t for the internet and generous folks!

Gonna have to do laundry tonight. Do I dare ask my folks if I can use their machine for a couple loads and have to hang out there or do I drag Ryne to the laundromat with handheld games and get multiple loads done at once. What a dilemma.


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