More insight into me…

Lots of revealing crap lately huh?

I wanted to share my response to a mama of bi-racial children on one of the boards that I frequent.

I am a multi-racial woman.

It was very hard growing up at times dealing with “white privilege” and racism. I was often too caucasian, too puerto rican, too urban, too country for someone in my family let alone for the folks around me. I found it very hard to relate to many of my cousins (nuyoricans & rural folks). My mother never spoke her first language at home (Spanish) because she was so determined that we spoke proper English.

I was the top Hispanic American student in my school (going as far as winning both the HACER and CT’s Day of Pride scholarships) but I didn’t (and still can’t) speak the language.

Now as I try to learn about my heritage it is hard to chose a focus. Puerto Rico’s history? Penn Dutch? Scottish? Cree? My mother was born in PR and her mother is what is often referred to as a “black” Puerto Rican. My father’s mother is Penn Dutch. My father’s grandfather was born in Dunoon, Scotland and my father’s grandmother was Cree (Métis) and her first languages were French & Métis (a creole of Cree & French). Should I learn Spanish, German, Gaelic, Métis, Cree or French? Tough. So mostly I just identify as American and learn all I can and live and let live.

My son is a sandy hair, light brown eyed boy who doesn’t tan (or burn).

What can I pass on to him besides my desire to learn, to share and to accept?


4 Responses

  1. “What can I pass on to him besides my desire to learn, to share and to accept?”
    What else is there that really matters? Think about it: if you instill in him the desires you listed above, you will be a most successful mother. And he will be a wonderful person.

  2. No clue as to what you can pass on, (i’m such a mutt that i really have no concept of heritage except that I occasionally will go to ethic festivals because if it’s a country in Europe, I probably have some in me) but I’m really digging these more personal posts lately

  3. Pass along..
    Everything you possibly can. Even if you have to learn it together. It will create an incredible bond between you and him. I’ve made it a point that my son learn spanish due to his mother being puerto rican and he will know as much as possible about the jewish faith because of his mother as well. On my side of the family he will have no choice about learning about Barbados (my mothers side of the family), Panama (my grandfather on my father’s side) and the South during and after slavery (my grandmother on my father’s side).
    What YOU should learn is based upon what YOU want to know. What you pass along is different though. We should pass on everything.

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