Another Not Rob Post

I am gonna make a mix “tape” for him and I don’t want to forget the songs that I have been thinking about.

The beginning of my tentative song list

3 Blind Mice Call Me Beautiful
Joshua Kadison Born to Shine
Lee Coulter Ocean
Mike McGill State Of Mind

Last songs will be – If I Had A Million Dollars by BNL, Alison Krauss’ version of When You Say Nothing At All & You Lift Me Up by Josh Groban.

I heard a song on Jamie Oliver’s podcast today by Tim Kay. It’s not one of the four listed on Tim’s myspace nor iTunes, bummed. Will have to keep checking on it.

And I don’t want to forget the name Alyssa Hendrix, love her song Dragon but not for Rob, lol for me.

How you can help…

Does any have a (or know of a shareware) program for printing CD labels? I want to print the label for Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka as well as this mix CD.

And I need someone’s help to download and make the CD since I don’t have a writer drive. Ancient machine.


3 Responses

  1. I actually have a bunch of different programs for printing labels and stuff like that, and I have both downloading and burning capabilities. If you wanted, come along with Jessi and Kay on a Saturday and we’ll hook you up. :0)
    Oh! I also have your Pampered Chef order, so let me know how I can get that to you.

    • Oh goodie. goodie. I will see if I can get a couple more hours outta grandma one of the next couple Saturdays, so I can tag along. As for the order… You can give it to Jessi and I can get it from her next Saturday or I can meet you somewhere, I am in New London.

      • I’m passing it along to Jessi tonight, as long as you don’t need it desperately.
        If you really can’t get a babysitter, I can make the house kid-safe and you can come along with him, no problem. He’s so good (and I do have kid-toys here too).

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