I have a headache…

So I am taking a few minutes of ignore phones and my ever filling inbox to ruminate in prose.

I don’t often talk about my job other than in a vague office politics kinda way. That will change right now. I work deep inside the entertainment industry. No I am not an agent, I can’t help you with selling your album but according to many, I may have the greatest knowledge of the structure of the entertainment industry. How weird is that?

One of the partners in my company (Billy Joel’s former agent) was trying to prove a point today with another partner (The Samples’ former manager) and they started asking me all sorts of questions. What is the phone number for XYZ Agency? Who is Joe Agent’s assistant? What label is Missy Rock Star on? They asked these questions for about 15 mins. I was wrong twice. LOL, it just proved that I will be the last person laid off if this company ran into $$ troubles.

So why do I have all this crap running around my head? I manage several databases (read several websites) that cater to the buying of talent. What does that mean? We deal with tour dates, if you want to know if BNL is touring & got to MTV’s website to find their current dates, my staff entered that information. If you are a casino interested in how well the Rolling Stones last tour did, my staff maintains that info for Billboard. If you want to know what venues exist in Schenectady, NY whose zip is 12345, my staff maintains that database.

Okay so now you have a bit more of an idea of what I do… This is the time of year (now until November 24) that I hate. Why? you ask. Because this is when all hell breaks loose. The summer tour season is winding down – agents and managers are actually in their offices. So this is the time of year that companies merge, break up and rosters are over hauled. For the last 2 days, while I ignore the 435 emails in my inbox, no none of that is SPAM that is actual work to do, I moved the rosters of 2 agents that left their former company and moved to a new office for another company. I updated 134 artist records – making sure websites, labels (all of them – US, UK, Pacific Rim, etc.), biographies, managers, publicists, etc, etc, etc – were current. Ack. I still have 4 more major players’ rosters to deal with. eh.

Don’t get me wrong. I really love my job. Sure, I can deal without the cranky subscribers (and I get the worst of them because I am department manager), the attitudes of every LA or NYC agent (opposed to the general sweetness of Nashville) and micro-managing from the partners. But wow, I get to deal with neat information all day long – make my own hours and even make up sick days. But there are days like today when it is sooooo overwhelming. We have 2 gals out on maternity leave and flu season has obviously started and my office is short 1 intern, 1 staff memeber & 1 editor. Ugh.

Honestly at this moment I just want to be outside, knitting something mindless and soaking up the autumn sun. LOL, that is why I was never considered a true goth by my friends. I am too much of a hippie. Give me some earth to plant in and I will be as brown as a nut. I was the one who usually pumped gas, so they didn’t have to grab their parasols and gloves. Yes, there are folks that really do that. I love it.

Anywho, the headache is easying up. I wonder if it was the Exedrine, the Teddy Grahams or the musings of me. Probably all of the above.

Oh, can I say that I love the fact that I can wear my Pink Panther jamma bottoms to work and getting holiday bonuses like Nano iPods. Rock on.

Yes, the icon is really me. Trying to take a better self portrait, lol. So may change soon.


2 Responses

  1. Always nice to get to know someone better. So, you’re basically a pimp? j/k 🙂

    • lol, sometimes I feel like that.
      Course, we are in the local phone book under Entertainment. So there are few late nights that don’t go by where someone calls us looking for an “escort” or strippers.

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