There are evenings like last night were I wish I still did a scrapbook type journal… who knows I may get a back to that. I have been following quite a few blogs of folks who do that.

Anywho, last night we went to the local library. Honestly we go to the library in New London very rarely. Parking can suck, the hours are not doable for a working mom and I’ve had issues with their system. But for some reason I thought, let’s pop in and see if the children’s room is still open. They have been remodeling and it looks pretty good.

So we hang out in the children’s room for a while and Ryne decides he wants a drink. We went to the water fountain, and he started trying to get a drink like he usually does. I told him, he needs to suck it like a straw. He asked me to show him and then he tried. He got it, he was soooo excited. It was just a fun memory.

He also got his library card last night. I didn’t realize he only needed to write his first name, he’s been able to do that for a while. He is so proud of that card, he wanted to bring it to R’s house to show her but daddy forgot it. I will make sure I tuck it into his lunch bag if he still wants it tomorrow.


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