Lace on the Brain

I am not sure why I keep going back to it… especially since I have baby stuff, socks, the man poncho, the double sophie & ang’s sweater on the needle.

Not to mention Peace Fleece (new yarn yippee!) on it’s way for a EZ seamless hybrid sweater, a new pattern for a hoodie for Ryne (still trying to decide on a yarn), a tobaggan hat & mitten patterns (with more peace fleece) on it’s way as well.

We won’t think of the other PIGs that are tucked into corners of the old place.

But I am thinking about attempting Knitty’s Cozy on the brain. When I get to it, lol, I will have to sit down a swatch a few choices from my stash maybe even a worsted weight. I want it to be huge and snuggly, something I can grab to run down to the car or even to the supermarket. Drapey enough to cover me head to knee – ambitious much?


8 Responses

  1. That is really pretty

  2. At least you’re doing *something*. I keep pulling it out and loking and then putting it back.
    Plus, I don’t really have any nice yarn to work with, so I’m kinda…. dry….

    • I was rather dry for a bit this, letting life’s crazies move into my knitting time but once I started on my first sock while waiting at the DMV it started flowing again. I heard a neat idea on one of my podcasts – Craftcast. The writer makes what she calls meditation scarves, just pouring all the stuff into the scarf, as opposed to her mindful knitting when she is imbuing hee work with positive energy. Neat idea.

      • That IS a neat idea. I need to find something I can do in semi-darkness, for the evnings when I don’t want to have to focus on something complicated.

  3. the ez seamless hybrid sweater sounds intriguing. where might i find this pattern?

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