Knitting Patterns

Opera Gloves Lovely, but might become boring.

Bayerische If I actually ever complete (as in not frog finished product) I will try these.

I am learning that I am very much a process knitter when it comes to socks. I like how portable they are, but don’t care so much that I don’t end up wearing them. By my third (& 4th) sock I may actually give them to someone. And I don’t know why but the Delft colorway found here here just calls to me. A lot. I want it now.

Other patterns:

Newborn Sock On 2 circs too…
Jester Hat Not jestery enough but cute.
Combo Corset-T Wouldn’t be able to wear but fun to make.
Sigil I want to see if I can 1. enlarge it & 2. make a scoopier collar
Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf Since I’ve conquered the garterlac.


Stretchy Bind-offs


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  1. made me some cool socks for when I had Elena. I STILL love them!

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