Am a paid member again. (More icons, yippie)

Got rid of indigoreads and will be getting rid of indigoandfibers… I mean I chatter about most of that stuff here anyway, so why have 2 other journals that I neglect all the time?

Trying to come up with a new layout. I have disliked everything I’ve come up with so far so will be tweaking away this evening if Ryne lets me near the computer. Shoulda just stuck with what I had. *snicker* He has rediscovered computer games and his hands are big enough to handle the mouse better. He was all over Nick Jr mostly on his own. Now he just needs to learn how to read so I don’t have to hear “say that for me.” LOL

I want a laptop. Okay that is that for now.


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  1. thank LJ for filters!!!

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