Pictures Part 2

I think he was finally sick of all the folks that felt inclined to touch his hair and comment on the curls… so we whacked them off the night before last.


10 Responses

  1. NooOoOoOOooO…
    i hope it grows back soon!

    • I should be beack to “normal” before Xmas. Depends on if he wants to keep it trimmed or not…
      Lol, if was a bit emotional (for me) when I first started clipping.

  2. People actually touched it? Like strangers? That’s just fucked up.
    I love the pics, he looks so much older. They always say that about kids, though. I am afraid to cut my son’s hair–he’s 4.5 and everyone already thinks he is in kindergarten or first grade.

  3. It’s amazing how different he looks with out those curls. What is also amazing is how much he looks like you.

    • Yeah, he’s starting to look less and less like a mini Rob. I can see my nose and mouth and his eyes are an interesting mixture of both of us. LOL But because of his coloring most folks immediately see Rob.

  4. wow, he’s getting so big! 🙂

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