Pictures Part 1

Once we get more of our stuff over, I will post more pix…

Living Room

Dining Room (Read Craft Room & Office)

Ryne’s Room

Our Room


Butler’s Pantry Rules!

Bathroom – no more yoga contortions to get in and out of room. I can dye my own hair again.

And the toilet which is in a cubby hole by the tub.


6 Responses

  1. OH, it’s cute!

    • I’m loving it! A lot of our stuff fits right in and it’s going to be easy to decorate instead of whatever we were doing at the old place, lol.

  2. I love the butler room!! Sooo cool :o)
    I actually like the whole thing – it looks really nice!

    • Doesn’t it rule? I am so excited about the pantry, it actually has a couple closets in it too. One skinny one, perfect for brooms/mops and stuff and a huge deep one that we got permission to install shelves into for canned goods and bulk shopping.
      I get to start buying all the kitchen gadgets I wouldn’t buy before because I didn’t have room for it. And I have drawers, nice deep drawers. Bliss!

  3. I’m jealous
    I keep forgetting what charm the old houses on the East Coast have. Not having been there in 20 years, it is easy to foget. I love the West Coast, but wish we had some older homes like that. Enjoy it. It looks cute, and functional, all at the same time.

    • Re: I’m jealous
      I love it, falling more and more in love every day. Including the arguments heard through open windows in so many different languages. I love the fact there are folks sitting out on the porch across the street most evenings.
      Gotta figure out my upstairs and downstrairs neighbors’ schedules, would like to get to know them. They all seem pretty aloof, but I will try to push myself to be the outgoing one, lol.

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